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Office in Mainland China: 442 Xianfeng road, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Address in Hongkong:Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, NO.33 Mong kok road, Kowloon, HK.
  Pieces of Works
Regional Planning gz yt
Crowne Hotel of Nanjing
YangTai Crowne Plaza
Hongkong Belle Hotel
Hongkong liyuan Hotel
ShangHai ZhongXiang Hotel
ShangHai Howard Johnson hotel
TianhengInternational HotelofYiwu
Hyatt Hotel of SongShanHu
Grand Skylight Garden Hotel
Zhangjiagang Hotel
    Corporate Culture  

The Enterprise Culture of MUSE DESIGN&DECORATION (HK) CO., LTD

Enterprise’s Ultimate Goal: Creation of Classics, Pursuit of Superiority
Enterprise’s spirit: Credibility, Dedication, Erudition, Pursuit of Facts, Innovation.
Enterprise’s Ideas: Customer-Oriented
Enterprise’s Policies: Personalized Design, Standardization of Projection, Regularization of Service.
Doctrines that we uphold
        Quality is our life
        Quality is the soul of an enterprise and is a strategy that an enterprise can win. Since it was founded, we have been putting “Quality First” in the first place, including thoughts, strategies, measures, technologies. We have been proceeding the project by revolving round how to ensure the project quality.
        Pursuit of Superiority, Manufacturing of Delicate Products
         We pursue good qualities throughout design and project periods. We persist on coming up creative, revolutionary design, undertaking projects with a dedicated attitude and a delicate workmanship, selecting superior-quality materials. We never use poor quality or counterfeit materials to take place of good quality ones, all our projects are good quality ones. We emphasize “Poor quality project is unforgivable.” Among all our projects, we try to ensure every single one is a shinning example.
           Credibility First, Customers First
 “Credibility First, Customers First” has been the highest rule when it comes to making policies, decisions, and the running of every department. The rarest is the most precious. In Commercial activities, what is the most precious thing? Throughout the whole world, it, admitting of no doubt, is dedication and credibility, especially in nowadays construction decoration market. The reason why we make a lot of development is persisting on dedication and credibility. We pursue the customer trust, cherish forever gratitude. Credibility and dedication always come first.
           Pursuit of Details
For decoration enterprises, we must be strict in every procedure from design, material to construction. We not only sell the whole decoration projects but also the design and project courses. So, every single procedure and detail of ours will be the “product” exposed to the customers and they will inspect with a picky taste. In construction decoration market, transactions come before production, and customers contract out their projects with their trust of contractors, while contractors win contracts with their credibility. Only the customer is satisfied with every single detail will we win their trust.
           Who knows how to serve others is the richest
           Then how to win the customers’ trust? The answer is very simple: Good products, competitive price, good credibility, good service. One who knows how to serve others is the richest. Serving others is a way to city of happiness. We have formed a habit that the service we provide is way better than their expectation. According to the laws of the universe, we will get the highest rewards without asking how much we will get beforehand.
          We owe a debt of gratitude to the customers
          In this kind of field, we can meet a great variety of customers, some customers singing high praise for our work, others being particular about our project. But we think the latter situation is a good thing, we will go on pursuing the projects’ qualities. It is our pleasure to cooperate with a choosy customer and we show them our gratitude from bottom of our hearts.
          The competitiveness of products: Quality, Price, Service.
          Quality is life. If a company wants to be a credible one, its project’s quality must be superior. Small profit, large sale volume is a correct business rule. Out of far-reaching consideration, we purchased fixed office real assets. Though it is a large investment in one single time, it can reduce the cost of running the business. We can reward you more by making a set of reasonable, decent, and the most competitive price system to make every customer’s decoration good for value and have a sense of satisfaction and no regrets. Providing the best service really is people-concerned. We are always the forthcoming waiters for customers. We will pay regard to customers’ interests from their perspectives with a forthcoming, warm-hearted attitude. We cherish customers’ satisfaction and gratitude.
         Turning in projects is nothing more than giving away our daughters.
How do our customers feel after turning in our projects? Whether they are satisfied or not? Days later, we will pay a visit. Turning in projects is nothing more than giving away our daughters.
We always miss them. Because we formed a relationship with the drawing and project we took great effort to design and accomplish, it is consequently that we will win friendship all over the world, and our business will flourish definitely.
      Making one-shot deal is taken as a failure. It is only taken as a success to have business with regular customer
      Normally a successful manager has a far-reaching vision, only by doing that can he go a long way, can an enterprise make great achievements. To attain this goal, we must persist with quality, service, competitive price, and credibility to win customers’ trust, respect, and satisfaction.
              Values of MUSE DESIGN&DECORATION (HK) CO., LTD
              Values: To the nation, we provide first-class products for the society; To the company, we are faithful and hard-working; To the customers, we provide superior service, fulfill our contract and have the courage to take responsibilities; To colleagues, we develop through cooperation.
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